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Getting started with Background Checks for Nannies is easy! Simply click on the option below that best describes you. It will take you to our new customer packet, which you can fill out and sign 100 percent online! Once you submit the documents, a copy will be emailed to you. You can then download the document to save for your records.

You’ll soon be on your way to obtaining a safe caregiver with a clean background.


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After you submit your forms



After you submit your forms


Have your nanny go to our Applicant Center to complete the background check authorization forms.

Once we complete the background check, we will email you the report. Sometimes this email goes to your spam box. Please check both your inbox and your spam for an email from “”.

We will email you your username and password for the client portal within three business days.

Then, you can start submitting background check requests right away!



Want to fill out your forms by hand?

That’s fine, too! Complete the form below, and we’ll email you a PDF you can print out.


Substance Abuse Screening

  • A nanny who uses illegal drugs or abuses prescription drugs or alcohol can jeopardize the safety of your children.
  • It is best practice to conduct substance abuse screening on your nanny in order to ensure that your children are safe at home with them, even if the nanny is coming from an agency or from good recommendation.
  • Do not put your children at risk. Add substance abuse screening to the nanny background check.

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Nanny Interviewing Tips

nanny making pizza with children

1. Develop a list of questions to ask every applicant. This will help you maintain a uniform evaluation.

2. Require all applicants to bring a resume or employment history for the last five to 15 years (depending on their age).

3. The interview process should consist of at least two (preferably three) interviews:

-The first should not include the children and should involve covering the bulk of your questions.

-The second interview should be at your home with all family members present.

4. If you are still interested in the applicant, running a background check is the next step. If she hesitates or says no, you should rule her out as a potential candidate.