Background Checks for Nannies is proud to partner with Quest and LabCorp to provide its clients with access to a wide range of testing locations across the United States. Our services can support any substance abuse screening need – urine, blood, hair follicle and breath alcohol tests. Our system offers a fully integrated solution to compliment your background check program.

drug use in the US

Substance abuse testing can be added to any package. Call for pricing at 800-262-7301.

Drug Testing Requirements
1. Written notice concerning testing should be given to the applicant before they are tested. (Background Screening Release Form)
2. The parent should have a written substance abuse screening policy stating that the nanny should be drug-free. (See our example)

How the Screening Process Works…

Any screenings with positive results will be reviewed by a MRO (medical review officer) and an expert in the substance abuse field. The result of the test is delivered in approximately 2-3 days from the time the prospective caregiver goes for drug testing. You should receive a notification via email once your results are in. Urinalysis drug testing includes collection, initial screen, confirmation GC/MS screen if needed, and analysis by a MRO.


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Nanny Interviewing Tips

nanny holding infant

1. Develop a list of questions to ask every applicant. This will help you maintain a uniform evaluation.

2. Require all applicants to bring a resume or employment history for the last five to 15 years (depending on their age).

3. The interview process should consist of at least two (preferably three) interviews:

-The first should not include the children and should involve covering the bulk of your questions.

-The second interview should be at your home with all family members present.

4. If you are still interested in the applicant, running a background check is the next step. If she hesitates or says no, you should rule her out as a potential candidate.