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Substance Abuse Screening

Substance abuse screening is a way to make sure that an applicant is free from the use of illegal substances in their system. The majority of parents are doing substance abuse screening on their nannies in order to ensure that their children are safe at home with them. Do not put your children at risk. Whether the nanny is coming from an agency or from a good recommendation of past reference, it is always good to be absolutely sure because substance abuse can jeopardize the safety of your children.

Substance abuse has become a huge crisis in the world and especially in the United States where there are more than 24 million current users of illicit drugs and 176 million current users of alcohol. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal substance with approximately 17.4 million current users, followed by prescription drug abuse with 6 million users. Not only do drugs affect the emotions and actions of the caregiver, it can also lead to other criminal behaviors such as stealing to be able to afford drugs.

A simple, lab-quality drug test can prevent the hiring of a person who uses illegal substances.

Drug Testing Requirements
1. Written notice concerning testing should be given to the applicant before they are tested. (Background Screening Release Form)
2. The parent should have a written substance abuse screening policy stating that the nanny should be drug free. (See our example)

How the Screening Process Works…
Step 1: Email your candidate a link to schedule their test.
Step 2: The candidate will receive an electronic donor pass, which they’ll take with them to any of our lab locations for their test, along with a photo ID.
Step 3:  Results will post within a few hours, but can take up to 2 days if additional testing is needed.

We offer a 5-panel urine screen test which can detect five of the most commonly used street drugs: Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates, e.g. Heroin, and PCP.

We also offer a 10-panel urine screen test which includes all the substances in the 5-panel test, plusfive prescription drugs: Benzodiazepines, Quaaludes, Methadone, Propoxyphene, and Barbiturates.

Any screenings with positive results will be reviewed by a MRO (medical review officer) and an expert in the substance abuse field. The result of the test is delivered in approximately 2-3 days from the time the prospective caregiver goes for drug testing. You should receive a notification via email once your results are in. Urinalysis drug testing includes collection, initial screen, confirmation GC/MS screen if needed, and analysis by a MRO.


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Nanny Interviewing Tips

nanny holding infant

1. Develop a list of questions to ask every applicant. This will help you maintain a uniform evaluation.

2. Require all applicants to bring a resume or employment history for the last five to 15 years (depending on their age).

3. The interview process should consist of at least two (preferably three) interviews:

-The first should not include the children and should involve covering the bulk of your questions.

-The second interview should be at your home with all family members present.

4. If you are still interested in the applicant, running a background check is the next step. If she hesitates or says no, you should rule her out as a potential candidate.