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Preserving Memories for Development

June 12, 2015 Resources, Uncategorized

As summer gets into full swing, many nannies and babysitters are going to be finding themselves with a lot of time to spend with their school aged charges. Now, you could spend that time in the air conditioning, watching Frozen over and over again, or at the pool…but why not spend it taking little adventures […]

Do you have a Home Office?

November 6, 2013 News, Resources, Tip Sheets, Uncategorized

Do you have a home office in your home?  Parents that have home offices often have problems with the children wanting to visit Mommy or Daddy. Your children may want to visit to play “office” with you, they may need to tell you something that is “Important and can’t wait”, they may want you to […]

Baby Names

October 28, 2013 Associations, News, Resources, Uncategorized

Are you expecting a girl?  Are you still debating that perfect name?  Here are some really cute, not so common baby girl names.  One of these may be just what you are looking for!  

What You Need to Know About Live-in Summer Nannies

July 11, 2013 Resources, Uncategorized

  Summer is halfway over, and many families already have their babysitting/nanny arrangements. Still stuck? Have you considered a live-in nanny? If so, read these insider tips from She Knows Parenting before making your decision: “The Basics” Is a live-in nanny right for your family? Keep in mind that you’ll have to provide a private […]