Importance of the Nanny Background Check

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Regardless of the type of business, hiring the right person can be a challenge, but recruiting a nanny or babysitter for your family is the most important role you may ever hire for. The risks are higher than any other opening you might fill. This person will be in your home, taking care of your children without direct supervision.

There are several ways to find a caregiver. Some can be extremely time consuming, and others can be hazardously unpredictable.

Many parents go about the search in the traditional way: by placing wanted ads on local job boards and parenting sites or searching sites like This method of hiring a nanny is both one of the riskiest as well as one of the most time-consuming and isn’t a model that most people should exercise. The issue is the old-fashioned gut feelings as the main decision-making criteria. Even nanny providing apps and services aren’t fool-proof.

Even though parents might be satisfied with the using their instincts, this process misses a vital step: the background check. Background screening should include checking whether the person had any arrests or penalties on their driving record. You should also check a nanny’s references to make sure she is fit for your family and has a good track record.

You’ll need to get the permission of the nanny candidate before you run a background check. Anyone you’re looking at should be comfortable with that and, if they aren’t, that’s the first red flag. If you’re using Background Checks for Nannies for your screening, you can have your nanny fill out her background authorization here.

During the interview, it is imperative you ask questions that elicit answers that draw out more about the candidate. If you can’t get honest answers at the interview, the applicant is not likely to be someone you’ll be able to trust. Make them comfortable to answer questions that include negative information. We have created in-depth interview questionnaire for your convenience! You can download it here.

Despite of your methodology to find a nanny candidate, it’s also important to assess the chemistry between the child and the potential nanny before making a final selection.

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