September 17, 2015 Childhood Education, Nanny Background Checks, Uncategorized

re6ebarazaga5ejIn today’s world, it is becoming increasingly common for both parents in a family to be working full time, and that means things can get hectic. Kids often have to spend a lot of their time at a daycare or with a last minute babysitter, and it can be a hassle. Miscommunications and scheduling conflicts can arise and create more unforeseen problems, and it usually happens at the most critical times. Meetings get missed and kids get lost in the shuffle.

Because of this, many busy parents are changing the paradigm by replacing daycare and emergency babysitter “stopgap measures” with a nanny. They’re finding that the benefits, both expected and unexpected, end up outweighing any concerns they may have had.

The immediate improvement is in the hours. While daycare centers most often have a set schedule, nannies work the hours you need them, even very early mornings or late nights. There is no need for picking up a child from daycare or rushing home to get them off the bus instead of staying to finish a project or attend a meeting.

You also have to consider what the nanny herself brings to the table. If you take the time to carefully vet your candidates with background checks and in-depth interviews, or if you go through an agency that takes care of it for you, you can set your standards. You can ensure that she can provide services that matter to you like CPR/First Aid and helping with homework. Since a nanny is free to focus on your kids alone, in contrast to daycare centers, she can provide tailor-made educational entertainment and get the kids involved in community activities instead of being isolated to a single building day after day.

As an added bonus, many nannies are willing and able to perform some cooking and cleaning duties as well. Hiring a nanny can provide peace-of-mind that isn’t possible otherwise with the ability to go to work when you need to, knowing that your kids are in good hands. Returning home when the work is done to a tidy house and dinner on the table can create a stress-free environment for busy professionals.

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