Five Best Practices for Screening your Nanny

August 20, 2015 Nanny Background Checks, Nanny Life, Tip Sheets, Uncategorized

When looking to hire a nanny for your family, its really quite difficult to be “too thorough” in your vetting of candidates. After all, this is a person who is not only going to be spending a significant amount of time with your kids, but also have nearly limitless, maybe even unsupervised, access to your personal belongings and information. No matter how much control over your nanny’s access you may believe yourself able to enforce, there will inevitably be situations in which vulnerabilities could be exploited.

This is not to imply that all people or even most people wouldn’t be perfectly trustworthy with your family and stuff. It is simply to say that you should never forego good vetting procedures for expedience or because you’ve gotten a good reference from a friend or family member. Not only will taking your time and putting in the effort go a long way toward weeding out shady characters, it will enable you to get to know the candidate on a more social level, allow you to get a feel for how they will be toward your children, and also show the potential nanny that you are on top of things- you are paying attention- and that kind of understanding might be the best thing a family could have to prevent harmful behaviors in a nanny.

Five Best Practices for Screening your NannyPerform a high-quality background check from a professional company.

Avoid free online background checks as they are not as accurate and thorough.

Check the applicant’s driving record.

Is your nanny going to have to drive your kids around? If they are, get a review of their Motor Vehicle Record so you know your child will have safe transportation from school or sporting events.

Check their references.

Have your potential nanny provide references, personal and professional, so you can get a sense of their interpersonal skills and sense of responsibility.


Set up an interview with the applicant and ask questions about themselves, their experience/training and their philosophy on being a nanny.

Test how they interact with your child.

Before you hire a nanny, make sure they get to meet your child so you can see how they act with children so you make a good match.



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