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Evaluating a child's readiness to start school.Nannies often have the best position in the lives of their charges to determine the readiness of those children for the crucial phases of growing up. Specifically that change from toddler to school-attending “big kid” can be a bit of a vague target. In most of the western world, there is quite bit of time between when children can go to school and when they must go to school.

According to the blog, in their interview with the ladies from Back on Track Consultancy, the primary metric for answering that “when” is often determined by demonstrating a basic foundation of learning- like being able to count to 20 or write their name. But this is not the correct metric- at least not by itself. Instead, they recommend a six-point evaluation to determine both the child’s cognitive and social readiness for school.

Can the child —

Be independent from the person or people who take care of them?

Keep track of their own belongings?

Share the attention of their care-givers with others?

Listen to and share ideas with other people?

Concentrate on one thing for at least ten minutes?

Start and finish a task?

There are many other factors to consider than these, of course- like basic understanding of letters and numbers, and a desire to learn, but those things are not more important than a child’s social and emotional readiness, as those are the key factors in how a child will adapt to the school environment, and have the most beneficial first year of education.

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