Nannies Volunteering with the Kids

July 23, 2015 Nanny Life, News, Uncategorized

nanny kids volunteeringSummer days are long, rain or shine, and the space between the last day of school and first day of school can become difficult for an involved nanny to fill with activities that are both fun and educational for the kids. There are only so many times you can play at the park or go to the zoo. Obviously, there are many more things than that to do, but at some point, new ideas might be needed. However, whatever the idea, you always want to try to make it as fun and educational as possible and to fill the kids with happy memories, as well as to instill them with good character qualities. A great way to accomplish all of these things at once is with volunteering. Not only will they like the idea of making things for other people or taking adventures to new places, they will learn the importance and value of civic involvement, to say nothing of whatever other skills they learn in the process.

Stephanie Hage recently blogged at about volunteering with children, offering some ideas for different age groups. Her suggestions range from very simple tasks for toddlers like letting them help make cookies to deliver to firemen or the elderly to much more involved ones for teenagers- like mentoring younger kids or getting involved in community projects.

The best thing about this idea is that a motivated childcare provider can start kids out at a young age and guide them through these transitions in life, reinforcing education and compassion from their earliest days until the kids leave for college and know that they’ve done everything they could to ensure that the world receives competent, well-adjusted and civically involved adult.

To read Stephanie’s full idea list, go here.

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