Nanny: Much More than a Babysitter

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Many people may not have a complete, or even accurate, view of what a nanny is or does, leaving people with the general idea of a glorified babysitter. This, as any nanny will telly you, is very off the mark. The job of a babysitter, you see, is basically to while away some hours at someone else’ house and make sure the kids survive their parents’ absence. At its most extreme, babysitting might involve food preparation, baths and bedtimes.

A nanny, however, is far more.

Nannying is About Involvement

    1. Nannies are involved every day with the mental, emotional and physical development of the children they care for. It is their responsibility, perhaps as much as the children’s own parents, to ensure they learn and grow up well. This means learning activities, help with homework, and knowing when the kids are ready for the next step- and what to do

      about it.

    2. Nannying is not just a part time job to earn money while getting education in another field- it is a career. Nannies usually collect salaries, complete with sick days, paid holidays, health insurance and vacations. Each job can last decades, and the career itself can be for life.

    3. Nannying is a skilled position. They, and the families they serve, are much better off with ongoing professional training and a variety of certifications, such as a degree in education, first-aid and CPR, among others.

    4. Nannies engage with their charges, and with them, engage with the community. They get the kids into peer activities and social events to broaden their understanding of the world and make them more well-rounded people as they grow older.

    5. Nannies work hard. They plan, anticipate, and orchestrate the daily lives of their children, and are very involved in their lives’ trials and conflicts. Often, their duties include preparing meals for the family and keeping the house tidy, as well.

Yes, being a nanny may appear to bear similarities to being babysitter- but that appearance is only skin deep. While a babysitter turns up every once in awhile for a few hours, a nanny is an integral part of a family’s dynamic, facilitating the lives of children and filling the space where parenting may not be available at all times.

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