Preserving Memories for Development

June 12, 2015 Resources, Uncategorized

Teaching Kids As summer gets into full swing, many nannies and babysitters are going to be finding themselves with a lot of time to spend with their school aged charges. Now, you could spend that time in the air conditioning, watching Frozen over and over again, or at the pool…but why not spend it taking little adventures to new places where fun and learning can be accomplished at the same time?

More studies are showing that a very important, if not vital, aspect of early childhood development is in creating memories- static events that act as markers, and are a great chance for learning. Simply visiting zoos, aquariums, museums, and many other places, any adult with the most basic facts can be a wealth of knowledge for young minds. Have the children take pictures of the things you’re teaching them about. The important thing is to ignite the child’s imagination, and to allow their fascination with the new and exotic to grow their understanding of the world.

After returning from your adventure, re-enforce the experience by having the children engage with the knowledge they gained. Print out the pictures they took and have them make picture books, posters, or some other creative memoir out of them- along with any mementos they may have gotten- to show to their family and friends. They’ll be using all the new words and telling all the same stories for days to come, making lasting lasting memories- as well as building a firm foundation for learning in their early years of development.

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