Entrepreneurship in Nanny Agencies

April 17, 2015 Nanny Background Checks, News, Resources, Uncategorized

150226172901Its possible that you’ve already heard of Noa Mintz, the 15 year old who started her own nanny agency two years ago, only to step down recently so that she could dedicate her time and energy to high school instead. Noa, like all the best entrepreneurs, saw a need and took the necessary steps to meet it. She put in the time and effort, interviewing each of her potential clients to determine what their needs were, and then knew what to look for when hiring her team of nannies and babysitters- each one being required to pass criminal and reference checks- to ensure the safety and satisfaction of her clients.

It seems she found a successful process, as her company- Nannies by Noa- is now nearly four times the size it was in the beginning, and is strong enough to stand on its own while she steps away to finish school. And after that? Perhaps, she says, she’ll start another business down the road. But who can say for sure? Right now, its high school, and after that, the world is open wide for new opportunities.

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