Propose law would close child care background check loophole

January 24, 2014 News, Uncategorized

A new law requiring background checks on adults who run child care services out of their homes is being introduced by Pennsylvania state Rep. Mike Schlossberg.  Checks are already required at larger child day care facilities on adult employees over the age of 18.  The current law does not require checks in smaller, home-based businesses where the resident provides child care to three or fewer children unrelated to them.

Schlossberg said the checks will afford children the same level of child predator protection offered in larger facilities. “No parent should have to worry about a child being subject to any type of mistreatment or child abuse when leaving a child in the hands of a provider.  Period,” he said.  “As a parent of two very small children, rectifying this matter hits very close to home.”  Schlossberg plans to formally purpose the legislation before Gov. Tom Corbett introduces his 2014-15 budget so the bill can be part of those discussions.  He said the proposal already has eight House co-sponsors.


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