Do you have a Home Office?

November 6, 2013 News, Resources, Tip Sheets, Uncategorized

Do you have a home office in your home?  Parents that have home offices often have problems with the children wanting to visit Mommy or Daddy. Your children may want to visit to play “office” with you, they may need to tell you something that is “Important and can’t wait”, they may want you to have lunch with them, etc.  Parents are often frustrated that the nanny lets the children disturb them while working.  Make sure you take the time to go over what you expect with your Nanny.  Parents working inside the house throws a new wrench into routines.

Your Nanny may not have any experience dealing with this.  The Nanny and children will need an adjustment time.  You can set up expectations such as, when the children or Nanny can interrupt with a questions or concerns.  You may leave the door to the office open a bit when it is ok to interrupt.  You may make a door knob sign that can hang with red or green so everyone knows when to come in (green) or not (red). If red and the Nanny needs something important – you may want to set up to “Call” as she would if you were not at home.

The Nanny should use the same discrimination as if you were not at home on when to call or interrupt.  For instance if the baby is cranky, would she normally call you at work?  If not, then go over that with her so she knows your expectations.  You also need to make sure to help out as well – which means stay out of sight so the children do not see you going to the kitchen for a drink or using the restroom near their play area.  Having a Home Office situation can be wonderful for both you and your Nanny and children once the expectations are outlined!

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