Nanny busted for DUI hit-and-run, with 4 kids in her care

October 24, 2013 News, Uncategorized

A nanny from Portland was driving four children she was hired to care for when she clipped a bicyclist with her alcohol level more than three times the legal limit.   She was booked on many charges including reckless driving, hit and run and criminal mischief.

Turns out the nanny had two prior arrests for drunken driving.  The arrest shocked the parents who hired her to watch their children.  “We felt like we had checked her out well,” another mother said.  “We felt like we had known her well and had never seen the slightest indication that there might be this danger.”

No matter how well you think you know your nanny, have their backgrounds checked for the safety of your children.  It’s easy to get started:



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