Airline Provides In-Flight Childcare

September 6, 2013 News, Uncategorized

In-flight nanny


Are you a parent of young children who dreads flying for fear of crying, tantrums, and other embarrassing situations? Recently, some airlines have adopted nanny services for children on board.

Etihad Airways is one of the airlines that provides these services. Its attendants dress in bright orange aprons and will serve flyers on a long-haul flight in any class. The “on-air nannies” can apparently be men or women; the application requirement does not specify.

These nannies will receive training in child psychology and sociology from Norland College in England. They will help families with children as well as unaccompanied minors. Some of their duties will include serving kids’ meals and providing activities to entertain children.

Nannies will carry kits filled with, “stickers, cardboard, straws and other various material for arts and crafts,” as well as be, “trained in the art of origami and magic tricks.”

Initially, 300 female flight attendants volunteered for this position; most of them have had previous childcare experience. An additional 200 nannies are finishing up their training. By the end of the year, Etihad Airways is expected to have about 500 “flying nannies”.

So what do you think about the in-flight nanny service? Good idea? Leave us your thoughts below!

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