Should the Nanny Leave When School Starts?

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If you hired a nanny to assist with the kids this summer, you’re probably wondering if you should keep her around this fall. Of course, if you’ve had your nanny for an extended amount of time, chances are you won’t be getting rid of her before your kids go back to school.

When trying to decide what to do with your nanny, remember to keep five key factors in mind:

–       New schedule

–       Transportation

–       Homework

–       Extra housework

–       Value

Obviously with the kids back in school, schedules will change. You may want the nanny around in the morning when kids are getting ready for school & you’re rushing to get ready for work. (Unless you like to keep that bonding time between you and your children before you separate for the day.) You also may want her there in that gap when the kids are home when you’re still at work.

Some children are accustomed to being dropped off and picked up from school. Is this a job your nanny can fill? This is especially important if the kids go to a private school where bussing isn’t even offered. Aside from school itself, most kids are involved in extracurricular activities like sports, music, etc. These are other opportunities for the nanny to assist you with transportation. Having the same person continually picking the kids up also provides a chance for the caregiver to establish a relationship with the coaches, tutors, etc. It builds security.

Do you have a deadline each night that children need to get their homework done by? If so, a nanny can be a great help in helping children with their studying. In fact, if there is a time slot where you’re still at work and the kiddos are at home, that may be the perfect time for them to concentrate on their studies. Once you’re home their attention may shift to you, to dinner, to anything else except homework! Nannies are a tremendous help with projects that require more than one day to complete. They can keep kids on-track and help you remember when things are due.

Ultimately, you have to decide what your family values most. Is having a trusted person in your home worth the expense? Keep in mind that if the only reason you’re not letting a nanny go is because of the emotional ties that have developed, you may want to set your feelings aside and think about the practicalities. On the other hand, peace of mind is of great value as well.

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