What You Need to Know About Live-in Summer Nannies

July 11, 2013 Resources, Uncategorized

Summer nannies


Summer is halfway over, and many families already have their babysitting/nanny arrangements. Still stuck? Have you considered a live-in nanny? If so, read these insider tips from She Knows Parenting before making your decision:

“The Basics”

Is a live-in nanny right for your family? Keep in mind that you’ll have to provide a private bedroom and either private or shared bathroom. If you can’t make these accommodations, a live-in nanny may not be the right solution for your family.

What are your family’s needs hour-wise? Are you looking for full-time or part-time work? All of this needs to be made known in the advertising process. When interviewing, make sure the prospective nanny knows what you’re looking for and what she can commit to.

“The Live-in or Live-out Debate”

There are many benefits to having a live-in nanny, one being if parents do a lot of traveling during the summer. That is a case where a live-in nanny would be necessary. On the flip side, some families are looking for a nanny that is flexible enough to travel with them. Additionally, if you want to travel without the nanny, she doubles as an ideal house sitter and pet caretaker.

Don’t forget to seriously consider your family dynamics. Does your family value private, quiet time? If so, you may not want an additional person in your house 24/7.


A live-in nanny generally means reduced childcare costs. Why? Usually when a family provides room and board for the nanny, they can negotiate a smaller salary. Make sure to research the running wages for area-specific nannies.

I could dedicate another blog post to what to look for when hiring a nanny, but one key component is experience. Also, if the nanny’s preference is to live-out, but you require her to live-in, she may not accept a salary that’s been negotiated with room and board.


My house, my rules – right? Just because the nanny is a young adult who can probably manage her own live inside your home, she needs to know what the house rules are and abide by them. Here’s a general guideline of topics to cover:

–       Curfew

–       Drinking

–       Cleanliness

–       Overnights

“Where to Find Her”

Hint: College students are a GREAT category for a live-in nanny. They’re already used to living in dorms, which makes the transition into another person’s home easier. Here are a few other sources to try when looking to hire a nanny:

–       Reputable websites such as nannies4hire.com

–       Word of mouth!

–       Placing local ads in the newspaper

–       Placing ads on local colleges’ career websites

–       Craig’s List*

*Use your wits! Obviously, Craig’s List is hit-or-miss and needs to be used with discretion.

One last thing… Background checks! We do not advise hiring a nanny without performing a quality background check. Need affordable services? Check out www.backgroundchecksfornannies.com.

Check out She Knows Parenting for more tips on parenting, nannies, etc!


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