Summer Vacation: Should We Bring the Nanny?

May 29, 2013 Nanny Background Checks, Tip Sheets, Uncategorized

summer vacation

Over 35% of live-out nannies and over 45% of live-in nannies travel with their employers. Is it the right move for your family? As long as she has been with your family long enough to build trust and there is a clear outline of what is expected, it may be a good move. An extra set of hands will come in very handy, especially when you and your spouse want to enjoy some alone time. Just make sure you calculate ALL the expenses. Here are some tips for bringing the nanny along:


–       Write out a “vacation contract” that the parents and nanny agree to before leaving. It must include anticipated hours the nanny will work.


–       Make sure you budget enough money! If the nanny will enjoy all (or some) of the activities the family participates in, do the financial planning accordingly.


–       Travel with a nanny that has worked with your family for a while and has built up trust. Consider how comfortable she will feel in a new environment with new food and a different schedule. The vacation will go smoother if she is already familiar with your family dynamics.


–       Get creative with payments – maybe a flat fee of $20/hour isn’t affordable all week, so break down in the vacation contract how many hours the nanny will work. (Leave room for flexibility – perhaps maybe you’ll want to go on an extra dinner alone.)


–       Remember that your nanny will be working during your vacation, so don’t expect her to instantly be on-board before making due considerations.


Deciding not to take the nanny? No worries! There are other options that enable parents to have some alone time. Mary Fisher of The Stir suggests taking the family to a vacation spot that has day camps for kids. Her family did so and she loved it! They stayed at Spruce Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The kids got to spend a few days a week at camp, leaving time for her and her husband to hang out together. This may be the best of both worlds (and may save your family money, depending on how much the camps charge).


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