Babysitter charged with child endangering

August 16, 2011 News, Uncategorized

In Bainbridge, Ohio, a woman was charged with child endangering, assault, possessing drug paraphernalia and marijuana, after numerous Wildwater Kingdom park visitors saw her smack and drag a four-year-old boy through the park on August 2nd. The woman, 27, was intoxicated while babysitting the boy and his seven-year-old brother, along with two other children, age 11 and 14.

Several witnesses observed her yelling and dragging the four-year-old by a harness he was wearing, causing bruising and abrasions on his body. She told police the boy was difficult to control do to his autism, and she was simply trying to hold on to him. Due to his condition, the boy could not talk to police.

The woman admitted to drinking beer and tequila at the park, and a glass pipe and marijuana were confiscated from her purse.

The children were released to a parent.

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