Babysitter admits assisting theft

August 1, 2011 News, Uncategorized

A woman of Wileville, Canada, is spending two months on house arrest for being an accomplice to a theft at the home where she babysat.

On July 22, 2010, Ms. Peterson left a backpack containing three laptop computers, an iPod, and an engagement ring on a step of the residence where she’d been babysitting on and off for nearly a year. She then took the children to a nearby park, expecting a male friend to pick up the items.

Ms. Peterson later told police she felt pressured to aid in the theft as the man requested because he’d been violent with her in the past. She’d been on probation for about a month at the time on an assault charge.

For about seven weeks after the crime, she continued to babysit for the family until police confronted her and she confessed. The homeowner said the offense and the realization of who was responsible was devastating for her family- they’ve lost a sense of trust and security, the children won’t stay with a sitter, and they insist that their home is checked for intruders before they’ll go inside. The family also had to pay thousands of dollars for an insurance deductible, replacement costs, and a home alarm system.

“My children loved, trusted and respected this woman,” she said. “I still struggle with the whole incident, how someone we trusted not only with our children but with our home as well, could do something like this.”

The Judge told the babysitter she took advantage of the family’s trust. “The very children that you were supposed to look after and see to their security and their well-being and safety, those are the people that you have harmed the most,” the judge said. “They don’t know who to trust. They don’t feel comfortable or safe in their own home. That’s what this theft from their home has done to them.”

At the same time, the judge called her background “horrendous,” saying, “Nobody deserves to have the early upbringing that you had.” The babysitter is addicted to intravenous drugs and was using at the time of the crime.

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